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Rebecca Ugo was born in Nigeria, grew up in Glasgow, Scotland and moved to the U.S the end of her sophomore year of high school. She first lived in Knoxville, TN where she completed her junior year. She soon relocated to Nashville area to complete her senior year of high school where she took an increased course load in order to graduate earlier than her class.


After graduating at the top one percent of her class, she went to Liberty University in Virginia  for the first two years of College where she studied Biomedical science for a year and Business Administration for the next year, all while minoring in Cinematic Arts. When her family moved to Texas, she soon transferred to The University of Texas at Austin where she enrolled into the Moody College of Communication.


She first majored in Journalism for an entire year but soon switched majors to Film full time and eventually received her Bachelor of Science degree in Radio-TV-Film, where she earned a place among the top students in one of the most highly regarded communications schools in the country.


As evident from her "major" adventures, she's always loved learning. While she's always had a God given talent in writing and film making, she's also been book smart and continues to be a ruthless marketer and business woman. She founded her company, DEEP, only a year after graduating and negotiated the deal for her theatrical debut soon after. She lives in Texas, but is constantly travelling filming her next movies and avidly building her company.



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