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"When it came to gauging feedback on her debut feature, Rebecca Ugo didn’t need any focus groups or theatrical test screenings. She went straight to the target demographic."

- D-Magazine

"When you win your first oscar, can we have the exclusive?"

--- abc-GMT

"Look out America! Great, GOOD movies are back!"

--- IMDb Reviewer

"I've worked with Steven Speilberg, Adam Mckay, Justin Lin... I have never in my life worked with someone so professional, so artistic, as Rebecca Ugo."

--- 8 Time Emmy Winner

Film Director Rebecca Ugo joined us to talk about her newest project "Raveland".

23-year-old filmmaker, Rebecca Ugo, inspires and empowers through storytelling

Rebecca Ugo, 23, will launch her micro-budget drama No Strings with a red-carpet premiere on Friday in The Colony.

Rebecca Ugo: Writing the unwritten narrative

Racheal Ihim stars in sister Rebecca Ugo’s romantic drama, ‘No Strings,’ which is playing this weekend at theaters in Austin and North Texas.

"Your story is particularly compelling. Out of adversity, you have emerged."

--- Former Paramount Exec.

"The marketing you've done so far is very impressive."

--- Distribution Executive

"Rebecca Ugo is paving the way for young storytellers!"

--- Actor

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